• SQL Server DBA


  • 1997-2002 – Started my journey on a Compaq 486 Presario, then a DELL Dimension XPS R400
  • 2002-2006 – BBA, Management Information Systems, Stetson University, FL, USA
  • 2006-2007 – IT Operations, Butterfield Bank, Cayman Islands
  • 2007-2009 – Had a great idea…and the courage to pursue it
  • 2009-2011 – LAN Support, Fiderus Ltd, Cayman Islands
  • 2011-2014 – Technical Specialist, Dart Enterprises, Cayman Islands
  • 2014-current – Database Administrator, Dart Enterprises, Cayman Islands

Professional Certifications


Courses Completed

Below are some courses I have completed over the years.  Search by year on the right to filter recent.  Some links may have broken – I am fixing them.

2018-08-23UdemySQL Server Crashes and Critical FailuresView Certificate
2018-08-22UdemyHow to Become a World Class SQL Server Performance TunerView Certificate
2018-07-04UdemyAdvanced SQL Server Transaction Log AnalysisView Certificate
2018-06-29UdemyReal World SQL Server ProfilerView Certificate
2018-09-12edX / MicrosoftSQL Server Database Administration (XSeries Program)View Certificate
2018-09-12edX / Microsoft|- Recovering Data in Azure and SQL ServerView Certificate
2018-08-24edX / Microsoft|- Securing Data in Azure and SQL ServerView Certificate
2018-07-31edX / Microsoft|- Provisioning Databases in Azure and SQL ServerView Certificate
2018-06-28edX / Microsoft|- Managing SQL Server OperationsView Certificate
2018-06-26Microsoft / Channel 9Build 2017: Embedded analytics with Microsoft Power BIx
2018-06-26Microsoft / Channel 9Build 2017: SQL Unpluggedx
2018-05-28Udemy / Packt PublishingIntroducing Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2017View Certificate
2018-01-13edX / MicrosoftIntroduction to HTML and JavaScriptView Certificate
2018-01-05edX / MicrosoftMicrosoft Professional Program : Front End Web DevelopmentView Certificate
2018-04-28edX / W3CxFront-End Web DeveloperView Certificate
2018-03-01edX / W3Cx|- HTML5 Apps and GamesView Certificate
2018-03-01edX / W3Cx|- JavaScript IntroductionView Certificate
2018-01-22edX / W3Cx|- HTML5 and CSS FundamentalsView Certificate
2018-01-18edX / W3Cx|- CSS BasicsView Certificate
2018-01-01edX / W3Cx|- HTML5 Coding Essentials and Best PracticesView Certificate
2018-01-01ApressPro Git by Scott Chacon, Ben Straubx
2017-10-19Microsoft Virtual AcademyJavaScript Fundamentals for Absolute BeginnersView Certificate
2017-10-17Microsoft Virtual AcademyAdvanced .NET Threading, Part 1: Thread FundamentalsView Certificate
2017-10-03Microsoft Virtual AcademyIntroduction to Angular 2.0View Certificate
2017-09-26Microsoft Virtual AcademyC# Fundamentals for Absolute BeginnersView Certificate
2017-07-30Microsoft Virtual AcademyIntroduction to ASP.NET Core with Visual Studio 2017View Certificate
2016-05-10Microsoft Virtual AcademyGetting Started with SharePoint Add-InsView Certificate
2016-05-10Microsoft Virtual AcademyXamarin for Absolute BeginnersView Certificate
2016-03-28Microsoft Virtual AcademyCreate and Configure the User Profile Service (UPS) ApplicationView Certificate
2016-03-24Microsoft Virtual AcademyThe Microsoft Information Protection Strategy across EMS, Office 365, and WindowsView Certificate
2016-03-23Microsoft Virtual AcademySME Engagement with Multinational Corporations: Benefits and LessonsView Certificate
2016-02-12Microsoft Virtual AcademyInitial Implementation of SharePoint ServerView Certificate
2015-12-15Microsoft Virtual AcademyPlan and Configure User Access for SharePoint 2013View Certificate
2015-11-24Microsoft Virtual AcademyCreate and Maintain Site Collections in SharePoint 2013View Certificate
2015-10-21Microsoft Virtual AcademySecurity in the EnterpriseView Certificate
2015-07-15Microsoft Virtual AcademyManaging Office 365 Identities and ServicesView Certificate
2015-07-03Microsoft Virtual AcademySupport Corner: Directory Synchronization in Office 365View Certificate
2015-06-29Microsoft Virtual AcademyOffice Guides: Deploying Office as a ServiceView Certificate
2015-06-29Microsoft Virtual AcademySupport Corner: Enabling DNS for Mail Flow for SMBView Certificate
2015-06-24Microsoft Virtual AcademySupport Corner: Using PowerShell to Manage Office 365 UsersView Certificate
2015-06-22Microsoft Virtual AcademyOffice 365 Identity ManagementView Certificate
2015-06-19Microsoft Virtual AcademyOffice 365 FundamentalsView Certificate
2015-06-16Microsoft Virtual AcademyOffice 365 Admin Support Skills: Service ManagementView Certificate
2015-06-12Microsoft Virtual AcademyEncryption in Office 365View Certificate
2015-06-10Microsoft Virtual AcademySupport Corner: Access OWA in O365View Certificate
2015-06-07Microsoft Virtual AcademyOffice Guides: Apps for Office and SharePointView Certificate
2015-06-07Microsoft Virtual AcademyThe Modern Web Platform Jump StartView Certificate
2015-06-04Microsoft Virtual AcademyDeploying & Managing SharePoint 2013 with PowerShellView Certificate
2015-05-20Microsoft Virtual AcademyOffice Guides: SharePoint Online Overview for IT ProsView Certificate
2015-05-15Microsoft Virtual AcademySupport Corner: Configure SharePoint Outbound Hybrid SearchView Certificate
2015-05-14Microsoft Virtual AcademyManaging SharePoint On-Premises vs. SharePoint OnlineView Certificate
2015-05-13Microsoft Virtual AcademySharePoint 2013 Best PracticesView Certificate
2015-05-12Microsoft Virtual AcademySupport Corner: Manage SharePoint Online Documents and ListsView Certificate
2015-05-11Microsoft Virtual AcademyOffice Guides: Business Intelligence in Office 365View Certificate
2015-01-20Microsoft Virtual AcademyAzure SQL Database for Business-Critical Cloud ApplicationsView Certificate
2015-01-14Microsoft Virtual AcademyUpgrading to Microsoft SQL Server 2014View Certificate
2015-01-08Microsoft Virtual AcademyUnderstanding Active DirectoryView Certificate
2015-01-07Microsoft Virtual AcademyDatabase FundamentalsView Certificate
2015-01-04Microsoft Virtual AcademyAdministering Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Jump StartView Certificate
2015-01-02Microsoft Virtual AcademyWindows Server 2012 R2 EssentialsView Certificate
2014-12-20Microsoft Virtual AcademyHour of Code Event TrainingView Certificate
2014-12-18Microsoft Virtual AcademyWindows 10 Technical Preview Fundamentals for IT ProsView Certificate
2014-12-18Microsoft Virtual AcademySecurity FundamentalsView Certificate
2014-12-17Microsoft Virtual AcademyQuerying Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Databases Jump StartView Certificate